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Whatever We Are Facing - God Is Greater!
God Will Not Fail You!
Only God Can Heal A Broken Heart
Let's Choose to Praise the Lord Today!
You Are Somebody in Christ! Call on His Grace Today!


Accountability/Stay Under the Blood Covenant
After The Storm, What Do We Do?
An Awesome God
Anyone Going Through A Storm?
Are You Offended? Choose to Let It Go!
Be Still and Know I Am God! Psalm 46:10
Because That's Who He Is! A God of Hope!
Choose God
Christmas is All About Jesus
Delivered Us From the Powers of Darkness
Do You Find It Hard to Believe in God's Amazing Grace?
Do You Know Jesus? Time is Short!
Do You Know The Son Of God?
Do You Know Where You Will Spend Eternity?
Don't Give Up! Praise the Lord Anyhow!
Don't Keep Your Eyes on The Storm! Trust God!
Don't Let Unforgiveness Steal Your Joy!
Don't Let Your Past, Dictate Who You Are
Forgive Yourself, Today Is A New Day!
Forgiven! Jesus Took Our Sins! Receive Forgiveness!
God Has Forgiven You, Have You Forgiven Yourself?
God Has Not Given Us A Spirit of Fear
God Has Not Given Us A Spirit of Fear!
God is Faithful, His Word is True!
God Is Our Sustaining Power! Psalm 121
God Is With Us! Hold Fast1
God Loves Us! John 3:16
God Stands Behind His Word
God Tells Us To Seek Him!
God Will Give You Strength, Isaiah 40:31
God Will Not Fail You!
God's Peace
God's Protection
God's Sustaining Power
God's Word Is Our Sword! Stand and Above All Stand!
Have You Put God's Armour on Today?
Have You Received Christ As Your Healer?
Heavenly Father Prayer
Hold Fast!
I Am The Lord Thy God That Healeth Thee!
In the Battle, We Sometimes Forget Who Are Enemy Is?
In the Midst of the Storm, God Is With Us!
In The Midst of The Storm, Praise Him Anyhow!
In The Midst of The Storm, Trust in God!
In Time of Trouble, Turn to God!
Is Your Name Written in the Book of Life? Rev. 20:12
Isaiah 40:31, Wait Upon the Lord
It Is By My Might and My Power, Says the Lord of Hosts
It Is Written: Jesus Came to Set the Captives Free!
It Matters What You Believe!
It's Important What We Believe!
It's Not About Your Past! It's Where You Are Going Now!
Jesus Came to Destroy the Works of the Devil
Jesus Came to Set the Captives Free
Jesus Is Coming Back, Will You Be Ready?
Jesus Is Coming Soon
Jesus is Our Compass! Stay Strong in Him!
Jesus Is Our Healer, Our Deliverer, Our Peace
Jesus Is Our Peace!
Jesus is Our Strength! The Master of Life!
Jesus Is the Author and Finisher of Our Faith!
Jesus Set Us Free From Depression!
Jesus The Only Way to Eternal Life
Jesus, Do You Know HIm?
Jesus, God's Son
Jesus, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace!
Keep Your Faith in God
Let's Choose to Praise the Lord Today!
Let's Come Before His Throne of Grace!
Let's Give God the Praise!
Let's Just Praise the Lord and Stand!
Let's Just Thank The Lord!
Let's Persevere
Let's Praise the Lord in the Midst of the Trial!
Lord, Touch Broken Hearts Today
My Prayer for You Today! Only God!
Never Stop Believing! Hold Fast!
No Matter What You Are Going Through, Trust God!
Only God Can Fix It!
Only God Can Heal A Broken Heart
Our God Is Greater!
Our Hope Is In God!
Power in the Name of Jesus
Praise the Lord through the Storm
Praise the Lord! He Will Give You Strength Through the Storm!
Pray for the Maxine Whisnant Family
Prayer for Guidance and Direction
Prayer of Protection & Strength
Psalm 62:6, He Alone is My Rock and My Salvation!
Rest In God!
So, What Mountain Are You Facing Today?
Sound the Alarm! A Word from the Lord
Speak to the Mountain and Walk in Forgiveness
Spiritual Warfare
Stay Strong in the Lord!
Storms of Life Will Come, It's How You Choose to Handle It!
Take Heed, Watch & Pray
Thank You Lord for Grace for Today!
The Call of God on Your Life
The Enemy Brings Torment, Jesus Brings Peace
The Enemy Comes Against Our Minds to Bring Torment
The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength
The Joy of The Lord Is Our Strength!
The Lord is Our Strength
The Lord, My Strength and Shield
The Most Important Decision in Your Life
The Past Is Gone! Today Is A New Day In Christ!
The Power of Forgiveness
There Is Only One True God
There Is Only One True God!
This to Shall Pass! Nothing Stays the Same!
Today is a New Day in God
Today Is A New Day in God!
Today Is A New Day!
Today Is A New Day, Yesterday Is Gone!
Today is Gone, but Not Forgotten
Trust God With Your Life
Trust Him Even When You Don't Understand!
Unforgiveness/The Enemy Comes Against Our Minds
Victory of Defeat? Peace of Torment? You Choose!
We Always Have the Victory in Christ!
We Are Ambassadors for Christ, 2 Cor 5:20
We Are Forgiven
We Are Still Winners in God!
We Have An Enemy, He Comes Against Our Minds!
What A Mighty God We Serve!
What Voice Are You Listening To?
Whatever We Are Facing - God Is Greater!
Whatever You Are Facing Today, Don't Give Up!
Whatevr Your Facing Today, Keep Your Eyes Upon Jesus!
When All Else Fails, Trust in Jesus
When the Trumpet Sounds
When the Trumpet Sounds! The Word of the Lord!
When Tragedy Strikes Us
When You Don't Understand, Pray and Submit to God!
Where Is My God
You Are Somebody in Christ!
You Are Somebody in Christ! Call on His Grace Today!
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Storms of Life Will Come, It's How You Choose To Handle It!

We will all face challenges in this life! Some small and some big! But it's how we choose (I say choose) to handle the storms and challenges that come our way. With God in our life, we have the strength to overcome because He has overcome for us! Trials and tribulations come and we can't escape them in this world. Jesus himself said that they are in the world, but He has overcome for us.
(John 16:33)
It's a choice we make. Is it easy? Does it hurt? Do we sometimes feel like where is God? Doesn't He know what I'm going through? Why doesn't He stop it? We cry out to God for help, or maybe turn to something else, like drugs, etc. No it's not easy sometimes! Yes , it hurts! Yes, God knows exactly where we are and what is happening with us! Does He care? Yes, a thousand times, Yes! God is our only strength through the storms of life. Drugs and any other substance cannot take the place of God! The devil may lie to you and tell you it will, but the devil is a liar and there is no truth in him. He is out to deceive and destroy anyone he can! Only Jesus can give you the Victory and that peace that surpasses all understanding in a time when you and I should be falling totally apart!

God has given us His Son, Jesus! And not only that, He sent us His Word to read and meditate on and use in the face of the storms of life and the face of the enemy!

Yes, you and I have an enemy! He comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10) and to try and stop you from believing in a Loving, Wonderful, Merciful God! Jesus, gave us an example to follow: He spoke to the storms and told them to be still! Every time He encountered the devil, He said to him, :"It is Written". He was talking about the word of God! Jesus rebuked the devil! Jesus has given us the right to use His Name, that at the Name of Jesus everything on earth, in heaven and under the earth must bow its knee! There is power in the Name of Jesus! As a Christian, He has given us the right to use His Name against the enemy! Let's use it! (Philippians 2:10)  (John 14:13)

Whatever you may be going through today, turn to Jesus and and let Him show you the way. Forgive and turn the other cheek, and know that God has a plan and a purpose for you and me. Don't yield to the devil's lies!

Jesus is coming back soon! Do you know Him? Take time to pray and ask Jesus into your heart and trust in God. (John 3:16) He will heal, restore and bring peace back into your life!  Then when the storms of life blow, you will have the strength because the Savior lives in you! God bless you and may you find peace, strength and most of all eternal life in Jesus today!

I believe you came in the flesh, died on the cross and rose on the third day. I ask you to forgive me of my sins and come into my heart to be my Savior. Thank you for saving me! Thank you my name is now written in the book of life! Amen
(Romans 10:9, 10& 13)  (Rev 20:12)

I pray a special prayer for anyone who prayed that prayer. I ask you to guide them to all truth and to protect them from the enemy. Give them inner strength and guide them to a church that preaches your word. In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen

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