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Let's Come Before His Throne of Grace!
Christmas is All About Jesus!
Today is Gone, But Not Forgotten!
Accountability/Stay Under the Blood Covenant
You Are Somebody in Christ!


Accountability/Stay Under the Blood Covenant
After The Storm, What Do We Do?
An Awesome God
Anyone Going Through A Storm?
Are You Offended? Choose to Let It Go!
Be Still and Know I Am God! Psalm 46:10
Because That's Who He Is! A God of Hope!
Choose God
Christmas is All About Jesus
Delivered Us From the Powers of Darkness
Do You Find It Hard to Believe in God's Amazing Grace?
Do You Know Jesus? Time is Short!
Do You Know The Son Of God?
Do You Know Where You Will Spend Eternity?
Don't Give Up! Praise the Lord Anyhow!
Don't Keep Your Eyes on The Storm! Trust God!
Don't Let Unforgiveness Steal Your Joy!
Don't Let Your Past, Dictate Who You Are
Forgive Yourself, Today Is A New Day!
Forgiven! Jesus Took Our Sins! Receive Forgiveness!
God Has Forgiven You, Have You Forgiven Yourself?
God Has Not Given Us A Spirit of Fear
God is Faithful, His Word is True!
God Is Our Sustaining Power! Psalm 121
God Is With Us! Hold Fast1
God Loves Us! John 3:16
God Stands Behind His Word
God Tells Us To Seek Him!
God Will Give You Strength, Isaiah 40:31
God's Peace
God's Protection
God's Sustaining Power
God's Word Is Our Sword! Stand and Above All Stand!
Have You Put God's Armour on Today?
Have You Received Christ As Your Healer?
Heavenly Father Prayer
Hold Fast!
I Am The Lord Thy God That Healeth Thee!
In the Battle, We Sometimes Forget Who Are Enemy Is?
In the Midst of the Storm, God Is With Us!
In The Midst of The Storm, Praise Him Anyhow!
In The Midst of The Storm, Trust in God!
In Time of Trouble, Turn to God!
Is Your Name Written in the Book of Life? Rev. 20:12
Isaiah 40:31, Wait Upon the Lord
It Is By My Might and My Power, Says the Lord of Hosts
It Is Written: Jesus Came to Set the Captives Free!
It Matters What You Believe!
It's Important What We Believe!
It's Not About Your Past! It's Where You Are Going Now!
Jesus Came to Destroy the Works of the Devil
Jesus Came to Set the Captives Free
Jesus Is Coming Back, Will You Be Ready?
Jesus Is Coming Soon
Jesus is Our Compass! Stay Strong in Him!
Jesus Is Our Healer, Our Deliverer, Our Peace
Jesus Is Our Peace!
Jesus is Our Strength! The Master of Life!
Jesus Is the Author and Finisher of Our Faith!
Jesus Set Us Free From Depression!
Jesus The Only Way to Eternal Life
Jesus, Do You Know HIm?
Jesus, God's Son
Jesus, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace!
Keep Your Faith in God
Let's Come Before His Throne of Grace!
Let's Give God the Praise!
Let's Just Praise the Lord and Stand!
Let's Just Thank The Lord!
Let's Persevere
Let's Praise the Lord in the Midst of the Trial!
Lord, Touch Broken Hearts Today
My Prayer for You Today! Only God!
Never Stop Believing! Hold Fast!
No Matter What You Are Going Through, Trust God!
Only God Can Fix It!
Our God Is Greater!
Our Hope Is In God!
Power in the Name of Jesus
Praise the Lord through the Storm
Praise the Lord! He Will Give You Strength Through the Storm!
Pray for the Maxine Whisnant Family
Prayer for Guidance and Direction
Prayer of Protection & Strength
Psalm 62:6, He Alone is My Rock and My Salvation!
Rest In God!
So, What Mountain Are You Facing Today?
Sound the Alarm! A Word from the Lord
Speak to the Mountain and Walk in Forgiveness
Spiritual Warfare
Stay Strong in the Lord!
Storms of Life Will Come, It's How You Choose to Handle It!
Take Heed, Watch & Pray
Thank You Lord for Grace for Today!
The Call of God on Your Life
The Enemy Brings Torment, Jesus Brings Peace
The Enemy Comes Against Our Minds to Bring Torment
The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength
The Joy of The Lord Is Our Strength!
The Lord is Our Strength
The Lord, My Strength and Shield
The Most Important Decision in Your Life
The Past Is Gone! Today Is A New Day In Christ!
The Power of Forgiveness
There Is Only One True God
There Is Only One True God!
This to Shall Pass! Nothing Stays the Same!
Today is a New Day in God
Today Is A New Day in God!
Today Is A New Day!
Today Is A New Day, Yesterday Is Gone!
Today is Gone, but Not Forgotten
Trust God With Your Life
Trust Him Even When You Don't Understand!
Unforgiveness/The Enemy Comes Against Our Minds
Victory of Defeat? Peace of Torment? You Choose!
We Always Have the Victory in Christ!
We Are Ambassadors for Christ, 2 Cor 5:20
We Are Forgiven
We Are Still Winners in God!
We Have An Enemy, He Comes Against Our Minds!
What A Mighty God We Serve!
What Voice Are You Listening To?
Whatever You Are Facing Today, Don't Give Up!
Whatevr Your Facing Today, Keep Your Eyes Upon Jesus!
When All Else Fails, Trust in Jesus
When the Trumpet Sounds
When the Trumpet Sounds! The Word of the Lord!
When Tragedy Strikes Us
When You Don't Understand, Pray and Submit to God!
You Are Somebody in Christ!
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Let's Come Before His Throne of Grace!

This is a new day, a new time in the History of our Country! God is doing something great in America! Things are speeding up like never before. It's time for us to seek God, pray for our Nation, and seek His Will for our lives. Sometimes we get so busy we forget to put God first. That includes all of us! Let's come before His Throne with Thanksgiving and kneel before our God! Let's seek Him with all our hearts. The bible says, if we seek Him we will find Him!


As we come before you today, we seek your will for our lives.

Christmas is All About Jesus!

You know I just was reminded once again, that Christmas is all about Jesus. About a God that loves us so much He sent His Son into the world that we might believe in Him and receive everlasting life! A God of love, mercy and grace! What an awesome God we serve. The Greatest Gift of All, Jesus, God's Son! We honor you today and everyday as we enter into this Christmas Season, knowing that without you we would be lost. You, Jesus are everything and we Praise you and honor you toda...y and always.

Today is Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Today is gone but not forgotten! Because as me move into another day, we have left an imprint on someon's mind, heart and life. What we do and what we say can leave an everlasting imprint on someone's life!

As we go through the day, let us remember to be kind, to turn the other cheek when adversity or offense comes! let us choose to walk in God's love and know that we have a choice to let others see, Christ in us the hope of Glory!

So, what kind of imprint are we leaving? Let it be of Christ!

Accountability/Stay Under the Blood Covenant

Accountability/Stay Under the Blood Covenant
You have entered a new stage in your life. A stage of accountability. Yes, man is accountable to Me for their actions on the earth. Yes, I have supplied and paid the price for all mankind. My blood was shed on Calvary and put on the mercy seat for all that will come and take freely of My mercy, My grace and all sins have been forgiven under the blood.
Those that know Me, and have received that mercy and grace and forgiveness, are forgiven, but there comes a time in one’s life that they must continue to stay under the blood and forgiveness that I have provided.

You Are Somebody in Christ!

You Are Somebody in Christ!

You may feel like a nobody! You may feel misunderstood and rejected from the world, but God’s Word says, He will take those that those who the world rejects and classifies as a nobody and use them for His Glory!  You are somebody in Christ! You are filled with His anointing to do what He has called you to do for Him.

Call on Him and He will answer! Seek Him and you will find Him! Pray and above stand, and keep on standing on His Word and know that He will take all the plans of enemy that has come to steal, kill and destroy from you and turn it around and use for His Glory!

It's By My Might and My Power, says the Lord of Hosts!

A Word from the Lord
June 22, 2017

There are so many people being blinded by the enemy. In the last days which you are in, it’s time for the church, the body of Christ to rise up and take back what belongs to them! (2 Cor. 4:4)

It is by My might and My Power says the Lord of Hosts! I have come to set the captives free! Did I not? I have given the keys to the KIngdom to  the church, to use and bind and loose! As you speak forth my Word, It shall be. (Matthew 16:19)

Some claim to have more faith in the enemy, than in Me and My Word!

Do You Know Jesus? Time is Short!

June 9, 2017

A Word from the Lord

Something is coming into this world that no one has ever seen before. It will startle the Nations! It will rattle the whole world and the world will know without a doubt that I am Lord. I created the heavens and the earth. From the least to the greatest of creations, I the Lord created the earth and all that is in the world.

I am life! I am the Only True and Living God! All those that receive My Son and belong to Me, will not fear! For I am with them. The challenges that are coming upon the earth will be devastating, but my angels, will go forth in power in might, and assist my children, my bride, the church!

When You Don't Understand, Pray! Submit to God!

Sometimes things come against our minds that we can't figure out or don't understand! We try and try in our own effort sometimes to figure it out! What's wrong with me? Why am I feeling this way and thinking these thoughts?  So we struggle, trying to figure it all out!   Well, yes we do have feelings and emotions and sometimes people can hurt or offend us. Even well-meaning family members! Or it may be something from our past even though we have already asked the Lord to forgive us and we have even forgiven ourselves!

Today Is A New Day in God!

You know, we all are facing some kind of battle in our lives and if your not, well get ready because Jesus said, that trials and tribulations would come, but that He has overcome for us! (John 16:33) As long as we are in this world we are going to sooner or later face some obstacles, climb some mountains. There will be times when we wish we could fix things but they are out of our control! 

Through it all we can always turn to Jesus! Every day is a new day in God! Every morning is a new beginning!

Jesus is Our Peace!

Whatever situation we may find ourselves in, Jesus is our Peace! He is the King of Peace! God promised in His Word that He would never leave us nor forsake us. He never said it would be easy, but that He would be with us and that if we keep our eyes on Him and His Word above our circumstances, He would give us the Victory through Christ.!

NO, it may not be a quick fix! But as we trust in Him, submit to Him and continue to lean on Him and confess His Word, He will bring us through the storm! He will give us the strength we need to face our situations in this life and give us that peace that only comes from Him!
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